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Braving the Ice

Braving the IceAn optimistic outlook for an early spring when I heard the cardinal song from the ice branches. Photo taken by Susanne Swayze.

Icy Landscape

Icy LandscapeOur reader Marc Kirouac writes: “The recent sub-zero temperatures have left Confederation Beach covered in these huge picturesque ice mounds.”

What a Sight!

What a Sight!7:00 a.m. sunrise in Dunnville at Port Maitland Pier on Lake Erie. Sent by Ryan Hedley.

Catching Some Rays

Catching Some RaysKaren Cunningham said: “The sun shone beautifully on the ice and this Canada Goose at Bayfront Park.”

Standing Strong!

Standing Strong!I came across this structure standing strong against the crashing waves along Hamilton’s beach, near the outer piers. Submitted by Marc Kirouac.

An Ice Fishing Expert!

An Ice Fishing Expert!The ice may be a little thin at Pier 4, but the fishing was still pretty good. Submitted by Robert Barnes.

Port Maitland Deep Freeze!

Port Maitland Deep Freeze!Ryan Hedley got a great capture of the frozen pier in Dunnville at -25C.

Winter Magic!

Winter Magic!The ice cave of Buttermilk Falls in Hamilton, Ontario. Submitted by Percy Jollymore.

This is No Ice Rink!

This is No Ice Rink!The Bay had snapped shut with a thin layer of ice. Photo taken from Burlington by Diane Brown.

The Ice is Finally Melting Away…

The Ice is Finally Melting Away...And making very cool cracking sounds as the sun heats up. Submitted by Alexis Leslie.

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