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Golden Beach!

Golden Beach!An amazing sunset at Long Point Beach, Ontario.  Submitted by Marilyn Teague, Burlington.

Point Albino Lighthouse

Point Albino LighthouseWe kayaked out to the lighthouse at night with hopes of catching a glimpse of the Milky Way.  Submitted by Tim Serneels.

Hidden Treasure!

Hidden Treasure!After a nice 4 km walk, I found this beauty… Hilton Falls in Milton, Ontario. Submitted by Ajay Mathew.

The Stunning Fall Colours Reflection

The Stunning Fall Colours ReflectionAt the Grand River in Paris, Ontario. Submitted by Jerry Vajsar.

Go Wild!

Go Wild!We went wild at the African Lion Safari, enjoying both the animals and grounds.  Submitted by Elaine (Zammit) Duguay.

Pedal to the Metal!

Pedal to the Metal!The Paris to Ancaster bike race… Gruelling climb up Martins Road to the finish line. Submitted by Joel Marshall.

Nature Is So Beautiful!

Nature Is So Beautiful!Cheltenham Badlands is a small example of the beauty we are surrounded by in our own backyards. Submitted by Sandra Barbour.

Paris in Autumn!

Paris in Autumn!“Paris, Ontario has all of the quaint trappings of a small town, and some of the most amazing sights around”, writes Rob Muir. “Penman’s Dam, in the backyard of downtown, is spectacular in any season, but Mother Nature really shows off in fall”.

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