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Who are you?

Simon Cowling found a very photogenic bird at RBG, Hendrie Trail.

Poised for Flight

Poised for FlightThis photo was taken in the Grindstone Marsh at the RBG. Sent by Sergio Spadafora.

Chilly Swim

Chilly SwimDave Fitzpatrick captured this beauty on the Grindstone Trails in The RBG.

A Rare “Beauty”

A Rare "Beauty"“While walking the trails at Royal Botanical Gardens, I stumbled upon this beautiful and rare Piebald White-tail deer” writes Peter Granka.

Painted Beauty!

Painted Beauty!A beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly at Laking Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens.  Submitted by Joel Marshall.

So Many Flowers…

So Many Flowers...…SO LITTLE TIME! – It was lovely seeing so many bees enjoying the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Photo submitted by Heather Cozens.

Tasty Snack!

Tasty Snack!Raymond Herrick found this chipmunk eating a green tomato on his visit of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Neighbourhood Watch!

Neighbourhood Watch!A family outing on the trails at the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Submitted by Robert Barnes.

In Full Bloom!

In Full Bloom!Beautiful flowers in full bloom at the Laking Gardens in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Submitted by Randy Newstead.

Time to go Swimming!

Time to go Swimming!While walking the Grindstone Trail at the Royal Botanical Gardens, I happened across a family of geese going swimming in the stream.  Submitted by Norm Talbot.

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