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Dreamy Moon!

Dreamy Moon!Looking out my window at sunset, it always amazes me at what a magnificent artist nature is.  Submitted by Susanne Swayze.

Bright Orange!

Bright Orange!A beautiful sunset captured by Paul Dekar.

I’m the King of the… Snow Mountain!

I'm the King of the... Snow Mountain!Junior kindergartener, James, was loving the winter wonderland a few weeks ago in our beautiful Mountview Park. Submitted by Mom, Tammy Solman.

Evening Sky Over Winona

Evening Sky Over WinonaEckhard Kries took this photo of another magnificent sunset from his backyard on Lake Ontario.


Morning Ablaze!

Morning Ablaze!Early mornings along the Grand River in Caledonia showcase the awesome creation we are privileged to enjoy! Submitted by Susan van der Heiden.

Reach for the Sky!

Reach for the Sky!Trying to touch the sun at the end of a long summer day.  This was captured while visiting a friend’s farm in Caistor Centre. Submitted by Jim Smith.


Solar Power!

Solar Power!This new solar powered lighthouse is incredibly bright, you can’t miss it! Submitted by George Johnson.

Bubblegum Sunrise!

Bubblegum Sunrise!The sun looked like a bubblegum pink balloon rising in the sky, at times complete with a string of double-crested Cormorants. Submitted by Joanne Redwood.

Red Ball of Fire!

Red Ball of Fire!“I think everyone should wake up early one morning to see the sun rise” writes John Klander.  “Sunday’s sun was a red ball of fire, which quickly turned to an orange glow.  Simply amazing!”

A Glowing Sunset!

A Glowing Sunset!The moon crosses over, creating a beautiful partial Solar Eclipse, as it descends over the waters of Cootes Paradise on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 6:11 p.m. Submitted by Vince Magro.

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